Fastening Products Group - Sales and Administrative Positions

■ Sales and marketing jobs in the Fastening Products Group

Positions in sales, marketing, and planning meet a wide variety of customer needs on the front lines of various business fields, including not only apparel but also bags, shoes, vehicles, and industrial materials. People in these jobs must be able to accurately grasp market trends and consumer needs, and then work quickly to address them, right up until the moment the products are delivered into the hands of our customers. The Fastening Products Group develops businesses all over the world, and as such offers numerous opportunities for you to seek out and challenge new possibilities while at the same time stretching your boundaries as a person and as a professional.

■ Administrative Positions in the Fastening Products Group

Administrative personnel are knowledgeable about accounting, human resources, and other aspects of business processes from an administrative perspective, and create an environment for optimal employee performance. Administrative departments take a multifaceted approach to business, develop organizations and personnel, and realize the mission sustaining the YKK Group.