Architectural Products (AP) Group - Sales and Administrative Positions

■ Sales jobs in the AP Group

No one is closer to the market than YKK AP salespeople. And so, they spot the trends and needs of the market quicker than anyone else, and consistently make product proposals that put us in the lead. These people keep their antennae tuned and their eyes wide open, and their passion and capabilities help them to also open up completely new markets. They always stand ready to answer their customers’ needs or requests. And the quality of their service, day in and day out, builds up a tremendous bond of trust. This kind of work, helping end users realize their dream of “my home,” or to complete the buildings that create “beautiful city streets,” is among the most satisfying and dynamic jobs a person can have.

■ Administrative Positions in the AP Group

YKK AP administrative personnel play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of the AP business, and creating a thriving environment. Administration contributes to manufacturing both indirectly and actively, to allow for optimal employee performance.