*Applies only to YKK and affiliated companies in Japan.


The YKK Group seeks people from both science and liberal arts backgrounds who will lead the way as we work to create an even brighter future. Our ideal candidates have the following characteristics:

‘A cheerful, forward-looking attitude’

The willingness to face any problem head-on and a forward looking approach to find a solution, no matter what it takes.

‘Assertiveness with a powerful voice’

The ability to think through your own opinions, take responsibility, and make sure your voice is heard.

‘A challenging spirit’

Constantly aiming one step higher and always working harder to get there. Overcoming failure, raising the bar higher, and working toward an even higher level of success.


Occupational types Sales/Sales and marketing, sales support, planning, etc.
Corporate/Accounting, finance, human resources development, purchasing, IT, intellectual property, legal affairs, etc.
Engineering/Machinery design, production technology, product development, electric component design, system development, research and development, project design, construction management, overseas technical personnel, etc.
Allowances Housing allowance, dependent allowance, overtime allowance,commuting allowance,other
Salary review Once a year (July)
Bonus Twice a year (July, December)
Work location Headquarters and other branches nationwide, sales offices, plants, overseas
Working hours Headquarters, other/9:00-17:40, Plants/8:00-16:45
Holidays/leaves of absence 2 days off per week, holidays, year-end and New Year, annual leave: 122 days, annual paid leave (10 days for 1st year, maximum of 20 days), congratulation/condolence leave, other
Insurances Employment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, employees’ pension insurance, employee group life insurance
Benefit programs Dormitories for unmarried employees, company housing, in-house savings deposits, retirement allowance, corporate pension, home financing assistance, other
Training New YKK Group employees will participate in one week of orientation training after joining the company to gain an understanding of responsibilities and obligations as a member of society and businessperson, and to learn about the YKK Group principles.
After that, they will receive additional instruction where they are assigned.
This is the approach the YKK Group takes to ensure that employees learn their jobs effectively “without fearing failure.”
Furthermore, employees take job-specific or elective training programs within the Group or through outside seminars and professional educational institutes to learn basic technologies and knowledge required for their jobs.
Majors Liberal arts and business/all
Sciences/machinery, electric and electronics, chemistry, metals, materials, administration management engineering, architecture, physics
Screening Aptitude tests and interviews
* YKK Corporate will accept all applications.
Please select a desired company and business in the screening process. (Each company will screen candidates and make recruiting decisions.)

For YKK Group recruitment, contact:

For Japan:
YKK Corporation, Human Resources Department

For all other areas please see the website below: